Free Downloadable PDFs

Below you'll find free downloadable resources from PDA North America that we've created or compiled from various organizations supporting pathological demand avoidance. These resources will continue to grow so be sure to check back regularly. If you are looking for us to create a specific resource, email us to let us know!

PDA Burnout By Asiatu Lawoyin

What is PDA? By Diane Gould

PDA Assessment by Jessica Myszak & Diane Gould

PDA & Siblings by Diane Gould

Therapy with PDAers by Diane Gould

PDA & Burnout compiled from No Pressure PDA & Trauma Geek

PDA & Declarative Language by No Pressure PDA

Internalized PDA by Sally Cat

Post-Secondary Education & PDA by Todd Van Wieren

3 Thoughts About Unhelpful Advice for Parents of PDA Children by Lindsay Flanagan

PDA For Teaching Professionals

The Distinctive Clinical and Educational Needs of Children with Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome

Homeschooling and PDA

Strategies & Support Needs For School

De-escalation Methods for Caregivers & Teachers

School Based Behavioral Intervention Plans for PDAers

PDA Presentation & Approaches by PDA Mama Bear

PDA Affirming Guidelines

Therapist Checklist – A Guide for Parents of PDAers

It’s All About Trust

The Paradigm Shift of Parenting by PDA Mama Bear