2-Hour Training: Education Collaboration for PDA Families

Join Zach Morris, PDA Education Consultant, in this two-hour training, as he leads you through a process for identifying the experience and needs of your student to better serve their educational experience. If you are looking for direction, but you aren’t sure what steps to take or what to focus on, this webinar will offer you a roadmap.

About Zach Morris: 

Zach Morris is an autistic thought leader in education. He is committed to helping people increase compassion, collaboration, and learning. Zach supports individuals, families, and organizations who aim to develop a greater sense of safety and empowerment in themselves, in their relationships, and in their communities.

Gently guiding humans through the resistance they encounter is at the core of Zach’s work. He is inspired by the science of how people learn and change, and he aims to translate this to help individuals and communities improve awareness, communication, and structural support. Zach has 10+ years experience in the classroom, ranging from inner-city public school to rural therapeutic boarding school, and from non-traditional private school to individual co-op homeschool. Before transitioning into private practice where he now offers education consulting and family support services, Zach previously served as the director for a non-traditional k-12 school in Missoula, MT for eight years, after founding this school from the ground up. He is a forever student of neurodiversity and learning, and he continues to serve families that have been unable to thrive within education.