PDA and The Safety of the Self

In this pre-recorded webinar, Sandra of PDA Mama Bear looks at PDA through her favorite lens, the development of the “self” and how its discovery, growth, and most importantly, SECURITY, is the desired end state for both PDA avoidance and control.

She explains why traditional parenting/education runs afoul of the PDAers “self” and cover some approaches used in her own PDA family, such as “low conflict” and what it means to “meet them where they’re at.”

She also shines a light on some hidden sources of hierarchy that a sensitive PDA nervous system may be detecting. Finally, she explains what she means by, “Say less about more, and more about less,” when it comes to our relationships in PDA.

This purchase includes a download link of an mp4 file that is yours to keep and watch again and again and all proceeds go to PDA North America.