Paul-Jean Letourneau

PJ Starling PDA North America Board Member

PJ “Starling” Letourneau is a passionate advocate for neurodiverse humans. He writes a weekly-ish newsletter where he unpacks his life experience, and attempts to articulate the deeper gifts imbued in those with the PDA profile. He has a graduate degree in computational physics, and has had a 20+ year career as a software developer. He now focuses on launching early stage tech startups who can leverage his multi-passionate skills in science and computing. PJ has formal training in technical post-mortem investigation, where he works with high-performing teams to uncover important learnings from unexpected system failures. 

Having only recently discovered his PDA nature in his early forties, PJ has since developed a special interest in healing the cumulative nervous system dysregulation at the core of the PDA profile. He follows closely the scientific research uncovering differences in the way the autistic body regulates itself and sends signals to the brain. PJ has developed his own cannabis microdosing protocol for nervous system health, and became a certified medicinal cannabis coach in 2023. 

In addition to his work in tech, PJ works as an empathetic, non-judgemental group facilitator. He co-leads a weekly mens’ group in Vancouver, where he helps to hold space for men to explore and understand their emotions and relationships. He can often be found presenting and facilitating discussion at the PDANA webinars.