Lorraine Endres

Lorraine is a Retired Corporate Training Project Manager who became interested in PDA when her grandson was diagnosed with Autism in early 2023.  The family strongly suspects that he also has a PDA profile.  It has been frustrating, at times, trying to find appropriate resources and the family has run into many roadblocks along the way, which led them to the PDANA website for help.  When the PDANA website asked for volunteers, Lorraine quickly decided this was an organization she wanted to volunteer for to help spread the word about PDA in North America.

She holds a BS in Marketing and an MBA with a Project Management concentration.  She would like to put her knowledge and 35 years of experience in the Corporate world to help spread the world.  Lorraine was also diagnosed at age 60 with ADHD and has another grandchild with ADHD, so she is aware of and sympathetic of neurodivergent personalities, behaviors, etc.