Frances Shapiro

Frances Shapiro PDA North America Board Member

Fran is a certified school psychologist, who has worked in a variety of school systems and

private clinic settings over the past twenty years. In the public school system, her focus has

been supporting students with autism. As a private provider, she has been both a PEERS

(Program for the Education and Enrichment of Educational Skills) facilitator and an RDI

(Relationship Development Intervention) provider. In addition, Fran is trained in the PATH

(Planning for an Alternative Tomorrow with Hope) and Customized Employment approaches to

support neurodiverse individuals. Currently, Fran is the inclusion coordinator at the religious

school program for the Jewish Reconstructionist Synagogue in Evanston, Illinois. Fran brings

deep commitment to her work with children and families. She believes all individuals need

places of safety, belonging and love. Across all settings, Fran strives to promote understanding

and respect for neurodiversity in private and public domains.