Elise Jacobson, LCSW

Elise Jacobson has her own busy private practice in Acton, Ma and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker
since 1995. She has a bachelor’s degree from Brandeis and an MSW from Yeshiva’s Wurzweiler School
of Social Work. In addition to 31 years of practice she is level 3 certified from PAST through the Open
College of London and from PDA North America.

She specializes in treating neurodiverse adults and children providing relational warm psychotherapy
that is psychodynamic, client centered and incorporates somatic and psychoeducational approaches.
Elise devotes her practice to adults with PDA most of whom are also parents to children with PDA. She
also offers parent consults to address a concrete issue and therapy groups to build PDA parent
community in the metro west area of Boston.

Consultation to professionals on PDA has become an important aspect of her work. She was a sought-
after peer supervisor when working on a national telehealth platform offering astute case
conceptualization for complex clients and has ongoing individual peer mentorships.
Elise has run a PDA case consultation group through PDANA since October, 2023 with members
providing each other clinical input on practice in a friendly safe supported space. Interest in joining?
Contact EliseJacobsonLICSW@gmail.com. Fees associated with the group are contributed in full to