Brook Deanne Madera

Brook is a mother of 3 neurodivergent boys living in the state of Oregon (U.S.A.). In February of 2022 she was diagnosed as autistic with a Pathological Demand Avoidant (PDA) profile which was alongside her existing diagnoses of ADHD and Complex PTSD.

Her three boys are also suspected PDAers, and the struggle to find a lifestyle that suits so many different needs led to her creating No Pressure PDA (website, Facebook page, Instagram, and more). The different mediums are where she explores understanding the PDA profile and other neurodivergent expressions.

Brook has a B.A. in religious studies and an M.A. in human services counseling. She enjoys working alongside other PDA content creators such as SallyCat’s PDA when they did a joint presentation for the PDA Summit 2023.